Reflections – Evidence of improving student learning and reasons for selection of evidence
I believe my body of evidence selected for this tenure portfolio strongly supports my role in improving student learning.  This body of evidence demonstrates my active involvement in many aspects of William Woods University, not only in the classroom, but actively outside the classroom.  I believe in order to be most effective in an academic setting, one must have a strong ability to reach students in a classroom setting and then engage them in a variety of academic situations that support the classroom learning.

In addition, I chose evidence that would demonstrate my desire to stay current in my field through numerous workshops and conferences. My field changes dramatically.  I know it is vital to stay current and thus felt this body of evidence was important in supporting my request for tenure.

Nocturnal Exodus and S.W.A.T. were two ways I strengthened the classroom learning.  In both student organizations I helped students design and develop organizations that utilized classroom skills in a real-world setting.  Having student-managed businesses on campus broadened their abilities beyond the classroom.  My role as facilitator over the years with these organizations was a vital component to their career paths.

I also included evidence in my portfolio that supported my active role in the University.  In order to be worthy of tenure, I believe one must be engaged in the overall operation and involvement of the University.  Serving in several leadership roles on committees, LEAD, presentations, conferences, recruitment and other activities across campus played a vital role in developing strong relationships that enhanced the overall academic environment and my personal development.

Finally, my standing in the community is directly affected by my involvement in community activities.  Citizens must become involved in their community in order to build strong relationships with the college.  I feel I have done my part in contributing to the welfare of Fulton.

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