Graduate & Adult Studies

15 years of service to the Graduate and Adult Studies Program
Program Manager
         — BMT580  Management Systems; (Masters in Business Administration)
         — BMT421  Systems Management

  — Responsible for:

– syllabus development
– mentoring faculty – approximately     25 faculty in BMT580 and     25 faculty in BMT421
– class visitation
– mentor observation
– assessment of faculty
– development of online portal for online     courses,
– maintenance of course development
– attending faculty development workshops
– evaluation of prospective faculty

Life Learning Paper – Evaluator
2004-present Responsible for evaluating Life Learning Papers for credit in the Computer Information Systems and Management Information Systems programs.  Evaluate approximately 20 papers/year.
Associates of Arts / Access Faculty Workshop (May 16, 2009) Jefferson City Campus Presented ‘Overview of Developing Online Courses at WWU’
Program Manager of BS in  Computer Information Management degree –
Responsible for 13 Computer Information Management courses and adjunct faculty, syllabus review, faculty evaluation and interviews of incoming faculty, on-sight observation and workshop input. 2004-2006

Supporting Students

Dr. Davis walks Marcelo Carreiro out on Senior Day for Soccer

Distinguished Scholar award

Stacie Bonte accepts award on behalf of the MIS department

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