Students Pass National Certifications

Six Pass National Computer Certification Tests

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Six William Woods University students passed national certification tests recently, ranking them now as competent computer service technicians.The six students are: Josh Briscoe of Elsberry, Mo.; Murry deLeeuw of Brookfield, Conn.; Jake Itegboje of Lagos, Nigeria; Cheryl Ponce of Fulton; Gina Reigelsberger of Brunswick, Mo., and Jessica Zumbehl of Martinsburg, Mo.DeLeeuw and Itegboje are now nationally certified in A+ Operating Systems Technology. Briscoe, Ponce, Reigelsberger and Zumbehl are now nationally certified Internet Webmasters.

According to Linda Davis, assistant professor of computer and information science, the CompTIA A+ certification is a national testing program that is highly recognized throughout the industry.

“Receiving certification signifies that the person possesses the knowledge, skills and customerrelations skills that are essential for a successful computer service technician,” she said.

On the other hand, Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) is a certification program designed to help individuals enter the information technology industry, and help experienced and vendor-certified professionals build on existing technology skills, Davis explained.

“Students who pass the CIW exam must be proficient in the areas of Web Page Authoring, Networking and Internet Fundamentals,” Davis said.

The students spent their entire spring semester studying for the test, taking practice exams and reviewing former course materials.

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