Internship Director

Internship Director – Dr. Linda Davis – Management Information Systems


Each year I facilitate approximately 10-12 internships within the Business Division.

My responsibilities involve assisting the students in finding an internship, reading weekly journals sent by the students, sending out monthly supervisor evaluations, making on-site internship visits, and grading a final paper consisting of 3-12 pages in length.

Majors are required to participate in an Internship as a part of their academic program. In the Internship, the students may earn three credit hours for each 120 contact hours on the job.  The Internship may be taken in the Fall, Spring, or Summer terms.

The Internship is intended to provide the students with the opportunity to work in a business position where  classroom knowledge can be applied to actual job situations.  Not only will the students expand background within their chosen field, they will also develop the working skills and habits expected of a business professional.

During the employment period, the studenst will be expected to assume the assigned responsibilities of a full-time employee.  Desirably, the students intern will be rotated through several job experiences while on internship.  Development of good work habits is stressed, as students  learn the importance of efficiency, accuracy, and promptness in the job situation. Remunerative terms, if any, may be established between the students and the employer.


Supporting Students

Dr. Davis walks Marcelo Carreiro out on Senior Day for Soccer

Distinguished Scholar award

Stacie Bonte accepts award on behalf of the MIS department

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