Global Research – Sabbatical Report


There has been a decline in higher education providers to equip students with the skills to succeed in a global community. My sabbatical would help to bring together ideas, programs, events and strategies from across institutions and disciplines to share and learn how we can internationalize the Management Information Systems curriculum at William Woods University.  The goal will be to provide an opportunity for the MIS program to share some of the research as well as showcase the internationalization framework and explore various ways colleagues can implement suggestions.  Embedding internationalization across the curriculum through the sharing of different themes and disciplines will be emphasized.

“The landscape of research on the internationalization of the curriculum in higher education is complex and meanings and practices in the area are vague.”

“There is a lack of clarity around the concept of internationalization of the higher education curriculum and its boundaries and further research is needed with respect to meaning and process. In particular, there is a need to construct a broader perspective on the concept, which stretches beyond just curriculum content. Equally, thinking in the area must move away from a narrow focus on international students and provide international experiences to all students so that they will perform successfully (professionally, economically and socially) within diverse contexts.”

“Why is internationalisation of the higher education curriculum important?

The 21st century university faces numerous challenges at local, regional

and global levels (mass migration, environmental and geographical issues,

super-diversity of the student cohorts, as well as the knowledge

paradigms, the information overload, and global interconnectedness);

Problems and issues in the current socio-economic and geo-political

aspects demand broader, multi-perspective understanding about the

world, life and work;

As the most visible and significant site of knowledge creation, the

university has a social responsibility to equip the members of the

society with necessary competencies, knowledge, understandings, and

new skills so that they can constantly negotiate the changing nature of

work, the labor”

                                          Thushari Welikala

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